Protect household and business belongings even when they’re stored out of sight.

There are times in life when you need to take a self-storage unit and store some of your personal items off your property. For example, you could be moving house and need to rent a self-storage unit for a temporary period of time. Or, you could be moving in with your significant other and both of you may need to store some personal belongings until you can figure out whether you have space for everything. Or, you may want to store items of particular value off-property.

Whatever the reason, when you rent a self-storage unit, you need to remember one important thing: Self Storage insurance.

Self-storage insurance is compulsory at many storage facilities, as a result many companies offer insurance in-house, but you can also buy private or independent storage insurance.

Just click on the icon below and you will find affordable domestic and commercial storage insurance for short- and long-term rentals. Storage unit insurance prices start at less than £0.50 per week (based on an annual policy for £1000 of cover).